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About the Author: Jerri W. Winkleman

Jerri W. Winkleman is a passionate food enthusiast and a seasoned culinary writer with a knack for uncovering the stories behind the flavors we love. With a background in gastronomy and a lifelong love for cooking, Jerri brings a wealth of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm to her writing.

Jerri’s journey into the world of food began at a young age, growing up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home. This early exposure to diverse culinary traditions sparked her curiosity and fueled her desire to explore the world through its cuisine. After earning a degree in Culinary Arts, Jerri embarked on a career that has taken her from bustling restaurant kitchens to serene vineyards and everything in between.

As a writer, Jerri has a unique ability to blend personal anecdotes with in-depth research, making her articles both engaging and informative. Her writing style is warm and approachable, inviting readers to join her on a culinary adventure. Whether she’s exploring the latest food trends, sharing mouthwatering recipes, or highlighting the best eateries, Jerri’s passion for food shines through in every piece.

Jerri’s work has been featured in numerous food and lifestyle publications, where she is known for her keen eye for detail and her ability to make complex culinary concepts accessible to home cooks. In addition to writing, Jerri enjoys hosting cooking classes and food tours, where she shares her expertise and love for cooking with others.

When she’s not writing or cooking, Jerri loves to travel, always on the lookout for new flavors and culinary experiences to share with her readers. Her travels have taken her to some of the world’s most exciting food destinations, from the street food stalls of Bangkok to the Michelin-starred restaurants of Paris.

Through her blog, Lessentiel Deauville, Jerri aims to inspire others to discover the joys of cooking and to appreciate the rich tapestry of stories that each dish holds. Join Jerri as she explores the world, one delicious bite at a time.